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Save Me From Damnation…

So yes, the new coat of paint of my blog is indeed inspiring to post a few more news items… this one is by now a few months old, but in order for this blog to be a complete record of events in my life it must definitely be included.

For Dystopia I definitely wanted to make sure we had a proper music video. In the YouTube age it’s not enough anymore to produce CDs or release MP3s, you need to present people with a visual representation of your song. Since I am not a director myself (yet – you never know..), it was imperative for me to find someone who I could trust 100 per cent to turn my songs into visual piece of art that I was fully behind.

After a fair bit of research I decided that David Kenny would be the right man for the job. He is based in London like myself and therefore intrinsically gets what the concept of the album is actually about.

So, for the record, here is our first ever music video: Save Me.

Jesus on Extasy cancel April tour in Germany

I am very sorry to have to announce that we will not be playing any dates in Germany this April as Jesus on Extasy just announced the cancellation of their tour. Unfortunately as support band this decision was completely beyond our control and on such short notice we are unable to make other arrangements to play live during these dates. You can read the official Jesus on Extasy statement here.

We will be putting this unexpected free time to good use and work on material for the new album instead. We’re also beginning to make plans for a Germany tour in October or November – with a new album in hand and lots of new songs!

Hope to see you soon, lots of love,

We’re playing this year’s Wave-Gotik-Treffen!

We will be playing this year’s Wave-Gotik-Treffen in Leipzig Germany!

For those of you who have not heard of it, the Wave-Gotik-Treffen or WGT is a 4-day festival that celebrates dark alternative culture with many live shows, film showings, exhibitions, art performances, readings, club nights and shopping.

We’ll be performing at the open air amphitheatre called Parkbuehne, one of the most beautiful locations in the middle of a large park, on Monday 1st June at 3.30pm.

For more information, check out the WGT Web site:

If you’re going, make sure you come and see us on the Monday! As always we’ll be coming out a short while after our show to the merch area to meet as many of you as possible.

Take care,

Lahannya YouTube Channel

We’ve gone social network crazy and now got ourselves a brand-spanking-new YouTube channel! So far, there’s only one video up there, a photo collage from live shows and photoshoots courtesy of Martin Black from, but we promise to be good and start making and uploading more video material soon!

You can view and subscribe to our YouTube channel here:

Germany Tour this April

We got our first confirmed tour dates for 2009! From 1st until 5th April we will be accompanying Jesus on Extasy in Germany. We also started to plan our next UK dates and will be announcing more live shows over the coming weeks – so keep checking back or sign up to our newsletter at

Here is the list of confirmed tour dates for 2009:

01 April 09: Frankfurt, Nachtleben [D]
02 April 09: Nürnberg, Hirsch [D]
03 April 09: München, Backstage/Werk [D]
04 April 09: Weinheim, Cafe Central [D]
05 April 09: Ludwigsburg, Rockfabrik/Club 2 [D]

Lots of love,

Seasons Greetings…

Seasons greetings and best wishes for a fabulous year 2009!

We are busy writing the story and songs for our new album Defiance, which will be released in May 2009. We’ve also got one festival performance next year already confirmed (but are still sworn to secrecy…) and are in the process of organising our next tour dates. So watch out for more news in January 2009!

Much love,

New Shop Online!

If you’ve not been able to catch us on tour, you can now get most merch items online from our Web site at

Apart from all our CD releases you can now also order the engraved USB stick with MP3s and screen backgrounds for PC, mobile and PDA, the gorgeous poster designed by comic artist David Bircham and a large variety of t-shirts, tops and even hotpants!

Lots of love,

Back from tour…

Our most recent UK tour was pretty eventful with plenty of excitement thrown in between the long drives that took the us up and down the country. We had some fantastic shows but unfortunately also a real low point in Blackpool when we had to cancel a show for the first time ever. Chris suddenly came down with a nasty bout of stomach flu about an hour before we were due to go on stage and there was absolutely no way he could play. We were totally gutted we could not play in front of such a great crowd but we hope to reschedule a Blackpool show for another time!

On another occasion we turned up at a venue just to find out that the stage had gone missing as it had been “lent out” to someone who had not returned it in time for the show. The mind boggles as to how large it would have been, had it actually been there! And there was of course the obligatory tour bus breakdown on the M1 – after all if you drive a 35 year old tour bus some part or other has to come loose in the middle of the motorway or else it wouldn’t be a historic vehicle, right? Right!

But on the other hand, we also had some absolutely amazing nights, with my favourite probably being Sheffield because it was as perfect an evening as it could be: a great promoter, a fantastic support band, a lovely and enthusiastic crowd, a fabulous aftershow party and – most importantly – what felt to us like one of our best performances ever!

I would like to extend a huge thank you to everyone who came to one of our shows. It means a lot to us and we appreciate your continued support more than we can say. So – thanks a million! Another massive thanks also goes to the promoters who put us on, the people who helped publicise the show and the great bands who played alongside us.

We’ve uploaded some photos from the last tour into our gallery in case you want to take a look, along with pictures from the September dates in Germany.

We’ll soon be starting with the planning of our live dates for 2009. If you want us to play in your city, let us know by demanding us via the Eventful widget we’ve put up on our Myspace and Facebook pages. If enough of you ask us to play in a particular city, we’ll try our darndest to make it there!

Lots of love and see you soon!

LAHANNYA featured in Dark Spy (Germany)

The current issue of German goth-fetish magazine Dark Spy not only has a 2-page feature article on us, but also published a photograph from the recent shoot I did with Martin Black from Art-in-Black as centrefold poster. It is also the first time we got a photo insert on the cover. As you can imagine, we’re chuffed to bits!

Mathilde vs The Countess

I don’t know if you’re aware of the introduction of low emission zones for vehicles in cities throughout Europe. I wasn’t until about six months ago. Unfortunately, it turns out that our beloved tour bus – The Countess, a converted mobile bank (yes, you read correctly, she is a former mobile financial institution!) – was no longer allowed into London from July 2008, and she’s equally barred from entering the German cities Berlin, Stuttgart, Munich, Bochum and many more…

In the UK at least you are able to retrofit your vehicle, but in Germany any retrofitting – even if it results in the vehicle passing the emissions test – is not officially accepted, so you still aren’t able to enter any low emission zones. That left us with two options: buy a much newer and obviously more expensive bus (that kind of seems to be the real motivation behind at least the German low emission zones) or buy a much much older one, that is even worse in terms of emissions, but as a historic vehicle is excluded from the new regulations and can stink as much as it likes…

We decided on the latter option and started looking… I had absolutely no idea how many online forums are dedicated to old buses and lorries until we did! Unfortunately, because everyone was affected by the new regulations equally the prices for the kind of bus we needed shot through the roof… At the same time the price for buses like our Countess – perfect in every way but no longer wanted in inner cities – dropped big time. But we kept looking…

…and eventually, in a very specialist hippy forum we found an ad for a little old bus at a price we could just about afford. Lutz travelled up to Berlin to take a look and while it wasn’t exactly love at first sight, we thought it was worth a go – despite the brown and orange butterfly wallpaper on the inside of the driver’s door and the flowery wallpaper in the driver’s cab. Luckily, however, Mathilde already had 6 beds, a bathroom and a kitchen unit and so we just just had to give her a little tender loving care rather than a whole new makeover! Mathilde turned out to be a beautiful and cosy old lady and we were very happy when she took us safe and sound to all destinations of our mini tour of Germany in September.

While we love Mathilde we really wish we could also keep the Countess. She’s been agreat companion for many years and we’d hate to give her away for a pittance to someone who might not really appreciate her. I keep crossing my fingers that we find a way to keep them both…