Welcome to my Blog!

I am a singer / songwriter who makes music probably best described as industrial rock. Critics have also labelled it as gothic rock, gothic metal and a variety of other genres. Someone even described it as a mix of Pain and Madonna, which is my personal favourite.

Before 2006 I had released one EP and a compilation track under my own name and performed as guest vocalist for a number of artists, including Soman and Greenhaus. In 2007 I released my first full length album recorded together with my band. Since then we’ve toured across Europe and recorded a lot more music.

We have a strong DIY attitude: I manage all our business affairs, run the label, organise the shows and promotional activities. Lutz, my co-songwriter, producer and bass player looks after pretty much all the technical aspects whether with regards to production or the running of our 40 year old tour bus….

When I’m not busy doing any of the above I have the very best of intentions of making regular blog entries and uploading photos about the events in my rock ‘n’ roll life. Mind you, I don’t always succeed.

By the way, more information is available at: www.lahannya.com

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