Save Me From Damnation…

So yes, the new coat of paint of my blog is indeed inspiring to post a few more news items… this one is by now a few months old, but in order for this blog to be a complete record of events in my life it must definitely be included.

For Dystopia I definitely wanted to make sure we had a proper music video. In the YouTube age it’s not enough anymore to produce CDs or release MP3s, you need to present people with a visual representation of your song. Since I am not a director myself (yet – you never know..), it was imperative for me to find someone who I could trust 100 per cent to turn my songs into visual piece of art that I was fully behind.

After a fair bit of research I decided that David Kenny would be the right man for the job. He is based in London like myself and therefore intrinsically gets what the concept of the album is actually about.

So, for the record, here is our first ever music video: Save Me.

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