Newsletter December 2010

Hello and Season’s Greetings!

First of all, a massive THANK YOU to all of you who came to one of the concerts on our November tour!

After playing some rather disappointing venues on the last tour we had decided that this time we would make sure that you had good sound and good light at every show and we were really happy that we managed to make good on that promise. Thanks for spreading the word about us in your local area: Because of you we had more than twice as many people as last time at several concerts and most people were able to sing along! This is really inspiring and we’re already starting to book next year’s dates and preparing for Mathilda’s MOT next year! (N.B. if you’re a new fan, you should know that Mathilda is our trusty 38 year old tour bus and part of the crew)


For those of you unable to see us on tour, we released a Fan Edition Double Pack CD/DVD called Scavenger in November. It’s again packaged in a beautiful digipack with stunning artwork by French designer and metalhead Stan W Decker, who I found on the Deviant Art Portal. It contains an audio CD with two brand new taster tracks from next year’s album “Disorder” – “Scavenger” and “Beautiful Wasteland” – and four live tracks recorded at the Essen Original Festival: “No Tomorrow“, “Charades“, “Kill Me if You Care” and “Silent Victim“. On top of that it also includes a DVD with our full performance at Metal Female Voices Fest 2009. The Scavenger Fan Edition is now available on our Webshop at and, of course, at the merch stall on tour.


I also have a piece of sad news for you, I’m afraid. Unfortunately Belle, who has been drumming with us for the last three years, had to leave the band. As you know, we’re continuously working on new music or playing live and this requires a great commitment in terms of time. As his personal circumstances changed this year, Belle was no longer able to go on tour for several weeks at the time or to spend extended periods of time in the studio. As you all know, Belle is a pretty unique character and finding someone else to take his place in the line-up was going to be pretty difficult we thought. Luckily we were wrong and things worked out perfectly….

We played a couple of festival shows and recorded four tracks for the new album with Lars Nippa, an acquaintance of Lutz. Lars is a shithot (pardon my language!) drummer and was great fun, but due to his commitments with regards to family and other projects was not going to be the permanent solution. Chris then introduced us to Luca Mazzucconi – a crazy but lovable Italian who can’t handle spicy food or complete a sentence without including at least one swear word! Luca again is an amazing drummer who played the November tour with us. It worked out really well and I think you guys liked him, too. He’s therefore now going to be a permanent fixture in the band and will be recording the remaining songs for the new album with us this December.


  • New Lahannya live videos (from the Scavenger DVD) are now uploaded onto YouTube:
  • Prices for T-Shirts / textiles have been considerably lowered in the Webshop in the run up to Christmas
  • The new album “Disorder” is planed to be released in June 2011
  • The next Lahannya UK tour is being booked now for September 2011
  • The next Lahannya Germany tour is likely to take place in October 2011


Also, if you speak German we’d be grateful if you could vote for us in the annual polls of the following magazines:

Sonic Seducer:,com_botb/

Metal Hammer:


If you can get your friends and family to vote, too, that would be fantastic, but please only vote once per person and per computer, so we don’t get disqualified!


17 December: DE – Essen, Zeche Carl

18 December: DE – Muehlhausen, Kulturfabrik

We are hoping to play a number of summer festivals across Europe in 2011 and would very much appreciate your support in suggesting us for the line-up of your favourite festival either in the festival forum or directly via email to the promoter. If enough of you request us to play, then we are likely to get invited!

If I don’t see you at the two upcoming shows before Christmas then I would like to wish you a wonderful Christmas break and great start into the new year!

Lots of love,


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