Lahannya UK Tour May 2009: Manchester

It already seems ages ago as so much has happened since, but our tour diary wouldn’t be complete without an account of the Manchester show and the Wave-Gotik-Treffen in Germany. But first things first, so let’s start with Manchester.

Since we didn’t get much of a chance to spend much time with Dyonisis during the Birmingham show, we decided that our two bands would meet up on a truck stop just outside Manchester and catch up over a barbeque.

We arrived at Satan’s Hollow in Manchester just after 4pm, which should have given all of us plenty of time to set up and soundcheck before 7pm, when the doors were supposed to open. However, when we turned up it turned out that the venue got a new PA on the day of our show, which was still in bits and pieces when we turned up! When it was still in bits and pieces two hours later I have to admit I was beginning to get a bit nervous but no one at the venue seemed in the slight bit stressed. I soon realised that everyone was so chilled because for some strange reason the staff had been told that the doors were opening at 8pm, not 7pm! So I spent the next half hour trying to hurry everyone along and apologising profusely to the crowd that began to gather outside the venue. Luckily it was a sunny day and everyone was still in a good mood by the time the doors finally opened half an hour late!

Despite all the setting up shenanigans I have to say that Satan’s Hollow is a fabulous venue, especially for a club night. There was an old gnarly tree decorated in subtle fairy lights adorning one alcove surrounded by iron bars, there was a huge Satan’s face on one of the walls and the stage / dancefloor was a slightly raised circle surrounded by an iron railing in the middle of the room.

Like Birmingham we had a great line-up at Satan’s Hollow with Dyonisis and Screams of Cold Winter, who both played great sets. Then it was our turn to step into the round and even though the shape of the stage felt very odd and Lutz had to fight with a rather uncooperative bass string, it was a great show because of the enthusiasm of everyone there! After socialising at the end of the show for a bit it was far too soon time to pack up and head south again to change some equipment, pick up Lemmy my budgie and start our journey to Leipzig.

This, by the way, was our first UK tour without getting a single parking ticket! No mean feat with the length of our bus and the stern traffic wardens we’ve encountered in the past…

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