Back from tour…

Our most recent UK tour was pretty eventful with plenty of excitement thrown in between the long drives that took the us up and down the country. We had some fantastic shows but unfortunately also a real low point in Blackpool when we had to cancel a show for the first time ever. Chris suddenly came down with a nasty bout of stomach flu about an hour before we were due to go on stage and there was absolutely no way he could play. We were totally gutted we could not play in front of such a great crowd but we hope to reschedule a Blackpool show for another time!

On another occasion we turned up at a venue just to find out that the stage had gone missing as it had been “lent out” to someone who had not returned it in time for the show. The mind boggles as to how large it would have been, had it actually been there! And there was of course the obligatory tour bus breakdown on the M1 – after all if you drive a 35 year old tour bus some part or other has to come loose in the middle of the motorway or else it wouldn’t be a historic vehicle, right? Right!

But on the other hand, we also had some absolutely amazing nights, with my favourite probably being Sheffield because it was as perfect an evening as it could be: a great promoter, a fantastic support band, a lovely and enthusiastic crowd, a fabulous aftershow party and – most importantly – what felt to us like one of our best performances ever!

I would like to extend a huge thank you to everyone who came to one of our shows. It means a lot to us and we appreciate your continued support more than we can say. So – thanks a million! Another massive thanks also goes to the promoters who put us on, the people who helped publicise the show and the great bands who played alongside us.

We’ve uploaded some photos from the last tour into our gallery in case you want to take a look, along with pictures from the September dates in Germany.

We’ll soon be starting with the planning of our live dates for 2009. If you want us to play in your city, let us know by demanding us via the Eventful widget we’ve put up on our Myspace and Facebook pages. If enough of you ask us to play in a particular city, we’ll try our darndest to make it there!

Lots of love and see you soon!

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