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Touring with Moon Kana and recording a new EP

Dear all,

We’ve just finished most of the recording for our new EP and I’ve finally managed to hide away for 5 minutes to write this little update.

The shows we played with Moon Kana were fabulous. We didn’t really know what to expect beforehand as we only knew of her what’s up on her Web site and myspace. She turned out to be an extremely charming young Japanese lady who is quite shy off stage but turns into a veritable whirlwind in front of an audience. Her French live band – Guillaume, Christophe and Marco – are very good musicians as well as great fun to hang around with as were the rest of her entourage, her European manager Renaud, her producer Yamamoto and her assistant and merchandiser Mayumi.

Kana inspires an incredible amount of enthusiasm from her fans, a bit like we already witnessed when touring with Emilie Autumn, and many of Kana’s fans had been in touch with us via myspace beforehand and knew our songs. While the show in London was relatively subdued in comparison, the audiences in France were totally up for a party and already lining up outside the venue by the time we arrived at 3pm. We could hardly believe the enthusiasm we were greeted with when we entered the stage, throughout the show and later on when people asked us for autographs and photos at the merch stand.

We definitely had a great time and hope to come back to France again very soon. And we will definitely be back in the Underworld in March 2008!

At this point I’d also like to express a huge thank you to everyone at the Underworld London (Jon, Brian, Sploote, Peter…), the Maroquinerie Paris (Vince, Stephane, the nice man who did such beautiful lighting – sorry I forgot your name!) and La Laiterie in Strasbourg (Christian, Serge, Fabrice, Bertrand and again the nice man who did equally beautiful lighting whose name I never knew..) as well as Renaud from JV Store for taking us on tour with Kana.

After the tour we went straight away into the studio to start recording our new EP. It was the first time that Belle and Chris were there with us and over the last 4 days we’ve managed to put down all the drums and guitars for all tracks on the new EP. We’ll all be going home for Christmas now, then I’ll be back in the studio at the end of December to put down all the vocals and Lutz will record the bass. January will be spent with mixing and mastering so that we can take the new EP on tour with us in March.

But now it’s time to get ready to go out and have some fun after all this time locked away in the studio….

Have a great weekend and hopefully see you very soon!

Much love,


PS: If you were at any of the shows and got some photos please post your links on my myspace blog or email the best ones to info(at)lahannya(dot)com