Archive for November 3, 2007

Collaboration with ASP!

We were really honoured when German goth-rock stars ASP asked us to reinterpret one of their Requiembryo album tracks for their new EP.

It was very challenging to be given such a beautiful track that already works perfectly as it is and therefore we decided that we could only go for a different feel altogether. Once we found the right beat it all fell into place and we’re really happy with the result. And ASP like it as well so it’s now available on their EP “Nie Mehr”, which you can get from their merchandising stalls on tour or through their online shop.

Nie Mehr! (Single-Version)
Wolfsspuren (Ein Requiembryo-Fragment)
Me (Video-Version)
Nevermore (Lahannya-Interpretation von Nie Mehr)
Mercy (Suicide Commando-Interpretation)
How far would you go (Live auf dem Amphi-Festival 2007)
Werben (Live auf dem Amphi-Festival 2007)
Frieden im Land
Sage nein!