The New Album…

I just had a first listen through the almost-final mixes of 8 songs from the new album that Lutz emailed me from the studio and I am really excited now about the release! They’re great and so much better than the demo mixes… and they were pretty good already!

What’s changed is that before it sounded like a lot of individual songs, more like a compilation. Now the album has developed its own sound and it sounds like the album of one artist – moi! 🙂 It’s also found its own style – still electro-rock if you want to find a label for it – but definitely more rock with a slight leaning towards metal. I think this is probably the result of my answer to Lutz’ question whether in future I’d rather go down the electro route or more towards rock or metal. And after our gigs in November and feeling the power of Belle’s drums and Bryn’s guitar riffs live on stage my answer had to be rock!

Mastering is currently planned for mid March and the design should be almost finished by then as well, so all is looking good for a May release. I’ll post some of the songs once they’re mastered on my various Web music profiles like myspace, and so you get a prelisten…

Yours, excitedly,

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