New band line-up

A lot has happened in the past weeks – This summer I put together a live band to begin playing out the songs from the new album. It all seemed to be going really well at first, but then more and more things happened that made me begin to believe it just wasn’t meant to be. At least not in this form. To cut a long story short, at the end of October – with a little over a month to go until the first gigs – I had to find a couple of new people… Don’t ask me how, but I managed to put a fantastic new line-up together within a couple of weeks and I’m now very excited about playing live surrounded by fabulous friends who also happen to be amazing musicians!

So, the current band line-up is:

Bryn Roberts (guitar)

I’ve known Bryn for many years since we first met on a sound engineering course in North London while he still played guitar in indie rock band Lomo. Since that time, Bryn and I hooked up not much more than once a year at my annual birthday do when I tended to find out the latest about his rather, shall we say, “interesting” career choices (now that’s a story in itself, but not for here and not for now). I’m glad that our rehearsals got us to meet more often and that I can enjoy (yeah, right 😉 his extremely silly sense of humour more than once a year! Seriously, thanks for doing this with me, Bryn.

Lutz Demmler (bass)

I met Lutz a couple of years ago at M’Era Luna when we both performed there. I was doing guest vocals for industrial club act Soman and he was playing bass with Umbra et Imago – the rather controversial German goth rock band that is infamous for their live shows. Since I had never heard of Umbra et Imago or their reputation I met Lutz without any preconceptions and he turned out to be a great person and into a good friend. Lutz and I wrote many of the songs for my new album together and recorded it in his studio – he runs the Twilight Sound Studio in Germany and has done productions with and for Umbra et Imago, Cultus Ferox, Tanzwut, Peter Heppner from Wolfsheim and – my personal favourite – Amber. When I needed a replacement bass player at short notice, he offered to help out immediately and so he’s now become an even more frequent flyer with Ryanair than he already was!

Belle (drums)

Belle is simply amazing on drums – he is the drummer and co-producer for industrial metallers Killing Miranda and resident DJ at London’s Inferno and Decandence club nights. I think I met Belle one night at the Devonshire Arms (for those who have never heard of it, it’s London’s only dedicated goth pub, conveniently located in Camden Town within walking distance of where we both live) . Over the years that we’ve known each other – accidentally bumping into each other, emptying bottles of wine together, sharing the DJ decks at Slimelight and assembling flatpack wardrobes – we’ve slowly become good friends. Never having seen Belle drum before our first rehearsal I was absolutely gob-smacked when I heard first-hand what an amazing and hard-hitting drummer he is and I’m really excited that he’s got my back at the coming gigs.

So, by now I’ve had one rehearsal with Bryn and Lutz and two with Bryn and Belle and it’s coming together so naturally that I can hardly wait until all four of us finally play together!

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